The Emory & Henry Sports Hall of Fame

Selection Committee Bylaws

I. Purpose

The Emory & Henry Sports Hall of Fame was established by the Alumni Association on October 9, 1971.  The sole purpose of the Hall of Fame is to give formal recognition to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the College’s athletic program as a player or coach, or who have brought great honor to their alma mater through accomplishments related to athletics beyond their student career. An event shall be held annually to induct the Hall’s newest members and pay tribute to all its members. The Emory & Henry Sports Hall of Fame strives to represent outstanding accomplishments from across the entirety of the College’s athletic programs.


II. The Selection Committee

  1. Function
    The Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall meet prior to the induction of new members for the purpose of reviewing nominations and selecting new members to the Hall.   A selection meeting will be held annually for the purpose of selecting up to four inductees per year.
  2. Membership
    The committee shall consist of nine (9) voting members.  Committee members shall be selected by the Sports Information Director and the Alumni Director and invited to serve by the Alumni Office.  Recommendations for committee membership may be made by committee members, coaches, administrators and alumni.  Three members shall be Hall of Fame members while one shall be an at-large alumni member.  Each Hall of Fame and alumni committee member shall serve for three selection meetings.  One voting member shall be a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors to recognize the relationship to the Alumni Association and that member shall serve for one selection meeting.  Two members shall be members of the current E&H coaching staff to recognize a relationship to the athletics department (these individuals will rotate after one voting cycle and will be chosen by the Director of Athletics).   The Director of Athletics and the Assistant Director of Athletics will round out the 9 voting members.  Under current guidelines, selection meetings shall be held every year.The Committee membership shall consist of:3 – Hall of Fame Members
    1 –  At-large Alumni Member
    1 –  Alumni Association Board
    2 – Current Coaches
    2 – Athletics Administrators

    The college Alumni Director and the Director of Sports Information shall serve as ex-officio members. Selection committee members must agree to be present for the selection meeting in person or by conference call in order for his or her votes to be counted.

  3. Quorum
    Final decisions may be made about new members of the Hall of Fame only if a quorum is participating in the selection meeting.  A quorum is one more than half the current membership of the committee.  Committee members may participate in the selection meeting in person or via telephone conference call.


III. Nominations

Nominations may be made by anyone with an interest in the E&H Sports Hall of Fame.  A nomination form is available at must be received by May 15 and any nomination received after that date will be considered for the following induction period.  The nomination should include as much information as possible about the candidate, including statistics, information about playing career, and any supporting information that would strengthen the nomination.  All nominees must have demonstrated strong personal character, representing Emory & Henry in a positive and wholesome manner, both in college and post-college life.

Nominations are accepted in three categories:  1) Athlete, 2) Coach/staff member, 3) Special Accomplishment.

  1. In order to qualify as an Athlete, one must have participated as a student-athlete in a varsity sport at Emory & Henry College.  Former students shall not be eligible for consideration until 10 years after he/she has completed his/her college playing career.   Graduation from the College is not a requirement, but if the nominee is a former student he/she must have left the College in good academic and social standing.In order to be nominated in the Athlete category, meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. First Team All-Conference, All-State or All-Region selection
    2. Multiple All-Conference selections (Second Team, Third Team, etc.)
    3. Major Conference Award (Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Offensive or Defensive POY)
    4. All-American
    5. Individual Sports — Post-Season competition (NCAA Regional or National, All-Star Game)
    6. Individual Championships in conference
    7. Record performances — if he/she ever held a 1st place record at E&H, conference or nation
  2. Emory & Henry coaches/staff members must be employed for a minimum of 5 years and become eligible for induction at any time after 5 years of service at the College. Former student-athletes who are coaching at E&H, but are being nominated for their playing careers, must meet the criteria stated above for an Athlete nomination.
  3. A person may be nominated under the category of Special Accomplishment. The Special Accomplishment category applies to individuals making particularly outstanding contributions to the realm of athletics beyond the campus of Emory & Henry College.  These individuals should have notable achievements in coaching, as a professional athlete or in some other area related to athletics.
  4. Individuals who have made contributions to Emory & Henry athletics but do not meet these guidelines shall not be considered for Hall of Fame membership. Individuals making important contributions to the E&H athletics program through service should be recommended for the Sports Hall of Fame Certificate of Appreciation or possibly the Fred Selfe Service to Emory & Henry Award given annually by the E&H Alumni Association.  The committee shall choose no more than one person each year for a certificate – and this recognition shall be voted on separately from the new inductee roster.  Any persons suggested for this honor and not chosen shall remain on the list for consideration for no more than 3 years.  The Sports Hall of Fame digital display contains a section to list those individuals awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

Special circumstances such as illness, death or unique levels of success may warrant a special vote at a time other than the regular summer meeting date. A special vote may be called by the Director of Athletics, and induction would require an affirmative vote from three-quarters of the committee members.

IV. Selection Procedure

  1. Ballots
    A list of nominees with supporting statistics, awards and other pertinent information is prepared by the Director of Sports Information and is presented to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. Each of the Selection Committee members must vote and non-present members should submit confidential votes via email or text.
  2. Voting
    Committee members shall vote for four nominees using a secret ballot. After the vote has been tallied, any nominees who get at least two-thirds of the vote will be considered elected.  If there are two or fewer nominees who garner   votes necessary for induction, the committee shall decide if additional inductees are warranted.  A simple majority vote will determine whether additional inductees are warranted based on the strength of the remaining nominees.  If so, a second-round ballot shall be used to select up to four total members for the current class.When the second-round ballot is used, the number of votes each committee members will cast shall be limited to the number of open spaces (i.e.: if two nominees were elected in the first ballot, each committee member will vote for two of the remaining nominees.).  On a second-round ballot, nominees must receive three-fourths of the votes in order to be considered elected.  This is to off-set the smaller pool on the second ballot and the fact that the most obvious and highest quality nominees were most likely selected on the first ballot.   The second-round ballot concludes the voting process.
  3. Retention of Nominees
    A Sports Hall of Fame nominee may be considered for up to three voting cycles on a single nomination. If the nominee is not selected in that time, his/her name will be removed for at least one voting cycle. After one voting cycle has passed, that person may again be considered for selection. An individual may be re-nominated one time only, meaning that nominees may be eligible for a total of six voting cycles.


V. Bylaws

Changes to the bylaws may be made as deemed necessary.  Committee members may recommend changes to the by-laws, and the Director of Athletics, Director of Sports Information, and Alumni Director shall cooperate on final determination of bylaw changes.


-adopted June 27, 2016