Bob & Ann Dix

Inducted 2017 / Certificate of Appreciation

Thanks to the kindness and technical prowess of Bob and Ann Dix, home and away football games became as simple to enjoy as flipping on the radio. Bob and Ann were the owners and operators of WOLD radio in Marion, and with the right equipment and a lot of energy, they agreed to broadcast every home and away Emory & Henry Football game for more than 15 years.

There was a Harry Chapin song in the 1970s that was, ironically, titled “W-O-L-D”  and among the lyrics is the line, “You can travel on ten thousand miles and still stay where you are.”  The selfless, tireless work of Bob and Ann and their crew allowed Emory & Henry sports fans to do just that.

The WOLD team drove thousands of miles to set up equipment that seems rudimentary now – but it served to provide countless alumni and fans in the region with a chance to follow every play.  Diehard fans who couldn’t travel to Randolph-Macon or Washington & Lee had the opportunity to hear every play and thrill at every touchdown – all while at home, in the yard, or even while convalescing in the hospital.

Bob and Ann worked to secure sponsors and even did much of the work at their own cost. And while home matches were easier to manage logistically, it was the away games that really were a test and testament to Bob and Ann’s commitment and fortitude. They got up early, drove home late, and never disappointed the fans back home.

These days you can sit anywhere in the world and use your computer or phone to watch the football team on any given Saturday. But we want to pause a moment today to remember not a simpler time…but actually a much more complicated time when only spirit, skill, and a radio signal made it possible for football fans to follow the action.

This certificate of appreciation is given to recognize their hours of selfless service to E&H athletics.

Bob Dix passed away on January 28, 2018 at the age of 77.