C. Walter Weaver

Class of 1916 / Inducted 1972 - Charter Member / Special

Charles Walter Weaver, a graduate of Emory & Henry, served the college as a lab assistant in the Chemistry Department. He was elected as a charter member of the Sports Hall of Fame as a result of his contributions to the athletic program.

Weaver served in the infantry during World War I. After returning home, he taught at Weaver College in Weaverville, North Carolina, for two years before teaching high school in districts in Virginia and West Virginia. He then worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 21 years.

Upon his retirement, he returned to Emory, Virginia, where he worked as a lab assistant in the chemistry department for over a decade. During this time, he was a devoted and enthusiastic supporter of Emory & Henry athletics. Weaver traveled with teams to away games and provided both moral and financial support to various sports programs.

Charles Weaver passed away at age 82 on April 14, 1973.